Being outdoors and building a grounded connection to the natural world is now more important than ever. In nature, you and your children can find a space for infinite creativity where play and learning blend seamlessly. Children can stay active and healthy while growing and exploring their emotional and physical responses to the world around them, and developing a deeper relationship to the natural environment.


This E-book will introduce you to outdoor education and will give you the skills to apply the Forest School approach in your daily life. It is made for parents, caregivers and educators who wish to support children in their development.


We explore topics such as:


  • The foundations of Forest School

  • The nature of free play

  • The benefits of spending time outdoors

  • Child developmental theories

  • Links to videos with activities to help children connect to nature

  • Ways to encourage reflection on children's learning

  • Games and ideas for children to play the Forest School way!


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