Through exploration and adventures  in nature, playing outdoors promotes the holistic development of children.

Forest schools encourage children to explore their environment and themselves and helps them to develop and grow through positive experiences within nature.

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All our workshops are based on forest school, play and exploration in nature. It is about having fun, learning and connecting with our environment.


I sensed a feeling of empowerment and deeper appreciation of nature from my kids after the nature club. They loved that they could educate us about the benefits of different plants and how we could utilise them in our home, on ourselves, and especially in our meals.


I like that Pamela allowed the children to direct her. She was also very insightful – she used the opportunity to discuss with the children their likes and dislikes after a little puppy scared my son.


The benefits of nature based learning really are limitless and the enjoyment, endless. When I asked them what they liked the most about nature club, they said: “EVERYTHING!”

- Yusrah

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