Nature Plays - Forest School - Cape Town


Nature Plays is South Africa’s first forest school

Founded 2018
Based in Cape Town

We believe that the best way to support childhood development is by letting kids explore, play, and learn in nature. By establishing a strong connection to nature, we develop our self-confidence, we build resilience and creative thinking while spending time outdoors.

Learn through play

Through exploration and adventures in nature,
playing outdoors promotes
the holistic development of children.

Forest Schools

Forest schools encourage children to explore their environment
and themselves and helps them to develop
and grow through positive experiences within nature.

Forest School Sessions

All our workshops are based on forest school,
play and exploration in nature.
It is about having fun, learning and connecting with our environment.


Nature awakens wonder and awe, it creates curiosity and the need to explore and play. Children learn through play, they understand themselves and how things work through playing. In recent years interest in using the outdoors as a learning environment has increased. There is a vast amount of research proving that children who play and learn outdoors are happier, healthier and more engaged in their learning processes.

​When we give children the time to explore their natural surroundings and discover what really interests them they are stimulated and have deeper experiences, which can positively shape their lives. Through play, exploration and outdoor adventures, Nature Plays is aimed at the holistic development of your child. These empowering experiences allow children to develop confidence, creativity, resilience, collaboration and problem solving skills that will help them on their journey through life.


Forest school is an outdoor educational approach to learning, it involves the whole child: heart, body, mind and soul. Through outdoor fun activities and learning experiences children acquire skills and develop holistically; social and emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual.

Forest School Cape Town

2 – 4 years old

Discoverers Forest School Cape Town

4 to 5 years old.

5 – 10 years old